Germany - Upskilling Parents

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The team consists of 3 full-time and 4 volunteers from educational, socio-pedagogical and psychological professions. The aim of the association is to support parents and families, to accompany them and to promote family unity. The association also wants to promote the exchange of information and the Europe-wide networking of parents as well as the European idea of solidarity. We believe that the smallest system in our society, the family, deserves special attention. In the demanding and fast-paced times we are experiencing today, it is important to create a bond here. We want to achieve this by helping families to cope creatively and constructively with the special tasks we face today. Because Europe starts and works in small things. Systeme in Bewegung creates space for exchange between people, organizes further training courses, offers advice and supports to develop potentials and exploit creative solutions. The highly qualified team serves various locations throughout Northern Germany, focusing on the promotion of physical activity and experiential education as well as systemic, body-oriented counselling and family support. The team of (SIB) regularly conducts adult education, mainly in the areas of stress coaching, relationship management and experiential education. In addition, SIB offers systemic and media educational counselling and coaching for individuals, couples and families. In cooperation with the Institute for Experiential Education, SIB carried out various projects in the field of youth work.
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