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educommart is a non-profit organisation newly founded in 2016 and based in Athens. educommart is an educational institution that provides further education for young people and adults. It also defines itself as a meeting point for creative educational paths of adults who have the desire to shape their own life path in a meaningful way. At the same time, it is a meeting point for partner institutions whose projects address social, societal and economic bottlenecks and who develop and implement educational programmes together with educommart. To this end, it provides paths that are intended to enrich the personal life of the individual in his or her everyday and professional life and thus have a positive influence on our society as a whole. To achieve its goals, educommart places values such as charity, solidarity, cooperation and trust at the forefront. educommart wants to create space for new structures and impulses for a holistic approach to education. In doing so, it chooses paths of education, communication, music and art, which together make up educommart's mission statement. The goal is movement and connection. The goal is to show together that creativity is a holistic and interdisciplinary alternative for achieving educational processes and communication with one another. For example, even in ancient Greece, pupils were accompanied in their education not only by a school teacher but also by a music teacher. Even then, music was regarded as one of the most important creative educational elements for the realisation of personality. educommart therefore tries to make its project work as creative as possible and with musical elements, with a view to establishing contact with and raising the awareness of a broadly interested public.

Furthermore, the organisation focuses on socio-political, cultural-critical and media-pedagogical topics in order to sensitise families to a caring media education.

The educommart staff consists of experienced educators and artists who are familiar with the organisation and implementation of international projects with artistic-pedagogical objectives.
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