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LUETEC founded in 2000 in Naples (IT) as a Third Age University, during the years has become a Long Life Learning centre, based reference point for the Neapolitan citizens.
LUETEC is also an EU training centre recognized in Europe as partner and coordinator of many projects both in young and adult educational sectors, and in the VET one. LUETEC has taken part in more than 50+ projects and partnerships such as Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Grundtvig, Youth in Action and currently Erasmus+ programme.
LUETEC also works in function of Consultancy Company in the framework of European cooperation for private and public bodies : Municipalities, consortium of Municipalities, primary and secondary schools, Universities, Third Age Universities, NGOs, Foundations and other adult education organizations throughout Italy and Europe .
LUETEC staff and teachers has gained a wide experience in Erasmus+ strategic partnership build and development both cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices..
Indeed, LUETEC main goal is to give rise to studies and researches in the development of new teaching/learning methodologies for young and adult people based on different topics: foreign languages, creativity, human rights, ICT, art and music therapy, critical thinking, green and cultural heritage safeguard.
LUETEC staff is skilled in the designing and implementation of intellectual outputs, in developing digital educational tools such us manuals, e-lessons, video-lessons, toolkit and e-books.
In this regard, LUETEC has published many manuals addressed to teachers and trainers: LIVE English Teachers: instruction for use in 2006, ART FOR LIFE handbook in 2011, Practical Handbook for Daily Use and Methodology guide Lessons of tolerance-inclusive teaching both in 2019, and the e-book Slow food-long life: lost tradition back to kitchen in 2020.
LUETEC organizes cultural edutainment events such as opera concert lessons, classical music concert lessons and Neapolitan classical music show lessons in many places of the city.
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